Larger-Than-Life White Suspension Lighting

I’ve often wondered what is missing in high ceiling homes. Yes, an elevated ceiling surface provides a sense of lofty calm in the interior environment, but does it really compare to the lifted feeling with the effect of a grandiose hanging light fixture filling part of its space? When done right, with a stylish, lightweight and white hanging light that is suspended just high enough to make an extension ladder bulb change possible, there’s absolutely no competition.

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Change the Way Your Living Space Looks With Modern Area Rugs

The best thing about using area rugs for home decoration is that they are the quickest and easiest changes you can implement to revitalize and update your home. If you are still clueless about the right area rugs you can use in your home then go through the following suggestions:


When you set out to purchase rugs or any other decorative item for your home, you must decide on your budget or your investment. This is a great factor that will help you decide on the right rug type you should buy. If you want to place a rug permanently in your living space, then you should decide on the budget accordingly. However, if you are one of those homeowners who prefer frequent change, then do not spend a lot in buying a rug that you will replace soon.


Since area rugs are different from wall-to-wall carpeting, make sure there is enough space left between the rug and the wall. This can be done appropriately if you know the right size of the rug you should buy. Ideally, at least 3 feet space should be left between the wall and the rug. This space is also important for allowing the opening and the closing of the door smoothly. Measure the size of the room to avoid any confusion.

Solid or Patterns

Although this sounds complicated, this factor is easiest to decide. Simply, check if there are already a lot of patterns and texture on your drapes and furniture. If there are, then go for a solid rug, without any visible patterns. On the other hand, if it is the opposite case, a rug rich with patterns and texture will enliven any room.


Do not forget your color basics theory when choosing a rug. Lighter color rugs have the quality of making a space look larger and brighter. This is especially important for rooms with lots of furniture and less space available. On the other hand, for rooms with a limited amount of furniture, choose a darker color rug to give your room an intimate look.

Dirt Pattern

If there is a lot of foot traffic in a room, a light colored rug will soon catch the dirt. A neutral rug of ‘dirt’ color or pattern is a better and more practical choice. This is usually applicable in living rooms where the use of the rug is more.

Focal point

If the rug in your room should be the focal point, do not hesitate to buy an attractive central pattern rug. On the contrary, you must avoid buying such a rug if you don’t want other focal points to appear secondary.

Two or More Rugs

If your space is large enough to decorate with more than one rug, do not go for matching rugs. In fact, take this as an opportunity and show your creativity to show the harmonizing effect of using two or more rugs in the same space. Also, consider varying the shapes and sizes of the rugs for visual appeal.

Buying the right rug means an instant transformation that you will love!

Check out out Furniture Domain’s full selections of Area Rugs.

—Alex Moore



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Boxy Beds of the Warm and Wooden Variety

We all adore the beauty of wooden design. For some of us, the crisp and clean lines of metal draw us in for the modern aesthetic we desire, but for others, the combination of wood and modern design finds true harmony in a bedroom design with purpose.

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Small Space Décor – Make Small Spaces Appear Large with Four Easy Ideas

Since a lot of furniture or decoration cannot be added to a small room, it usually gets tough to select the right furniture type for small space décor. It is indeed challenging to create an open and airy atmosphere in a compact place. However, if planned properly, even a small space can appear large, functional and beautiful. In fact, you have various interesting options when it comes to small spaces’ décor. Go through the following tips:

Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

This is not to remind you about Snow White, but to give a fantastic idea that truly works. Mirrors when used in small spaces are not only amazing decorative accessories, but a great way to make a small room look large. Mirrors reflect light to create openness in the room required to make it appear bigger. With this said, you must follow a set of rules to use the mirrors in the right way in small rooms.

  • Instead of using small mirrors, use large ones with pretty frames. Get a narrow floor length mirror, place one on top of a mantle, one on a tabletop, etc. The bigger the mirrors you use, the better. Do not let this idea defeat the main purpose by using several small mirrors that will only result in visual clutter.
  • Make sure you place at least one mirror across a window or outdoor opening. This will let more light reflect in the mirror and will create a more open and airy environment in the room.

Large Furniture

Most people get confused with this idea, but it is useful and very effective. By placing large furniture in small space room, you can actually achieve the purpose of making the space appear larger. However, you must limit the amount of furniture you add into a small room.

When lots of small pieces of furniture are crammed in a compact place, the area starts to look cluttered and crowded. So create a sense of large space by using less but functional furniture.

Light Paint

While dark paints can brighten up a room, they are not very effective in making a room appear larger. In order to create a sense of space, use only light colors in small spaces. Use any light tone on all the walls and try to eliminate any details by using one color throughout the room. However, for a change you can use different hues of the same paint on the trims.

Armless Seating

This is another very effective way to maintain an open feeling in a compact space. Armless seating is a great way to save a lot of sense of space. Try furnishing with slipper sofas or slipper chairs. This technique only bluffs and does not actually save space. However, it is practical and can be used to get rid of the visual cluster usually at display in smaller spaces.


For construction purpose, always install large windows in small rooms and spaces. Large windows let the outdoor environment enter inside and give an airy and open feeling to the room. Do not cover the windows with dark curtains or drapes.

—Alex Moore

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Green and Refreshing Residential Design

There are plenty of ways to bring your home up to modern-day green standards without knocking down walls to meet those of LEED. Instead, go for simple plants in state-of-the-art planter or hanging terrarium designs – or if you have no semblance of green thumb in your DNA, perhaps an eco-lighting design based on a wild, but ubiquitous plant shape.

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Nestle Into a Rounded Chair Design

Rounded backrests in chairs create the warmth of dinner in a booth with friends on a chilly winter night, except for you and yourself alone. Whether you curl up into the new lounge chair of the Portofino Collection by Paul Brayton Designs or prefer the semi-circular wood construction found in the Solo by Studio Nitzan Cohen by Mattiazzi, each share the fluid backrest that keeps on giving.

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Inventive Storage Solutions that Dress Up the Bedroom

After waltzing through furniture stores and online furniture design companies, the endless array of plain dressers is enough to have us opting for a design based solely on wood finish. Stand up against the oversimplified, mass-manufactured pieces for the sake of creative organization with an inspiring design. Especially one that was thought up by someone who really pondered the question of how best to filter through our glorified items through sorting and stacking with shelving and drawers.

About Face rotating cabinet. Designed by Niels Bendtsen. Manufactured by Bensen.

The About Face designed by Niels Bendtsen for Bensen is an example of an unconventional storage design that features both a swiveling base and full length mirror. Acting as a column to draw our gaze into under-utilized space, the 25.25”H x 46”W x 18”D totem is made out of a veneer of walnut or white oak and a powder-coated steel base. Within its structure there are four adjustable shelves with a singled center shelf that is fixed in place.

Modu-licious bedside table. Manufactured by Blu Dot.

Since we couldn’t possibly fit all of our precious goodies into a column or two – even if they spin around and give us a glimpse of whatever it is we’re attempting to bring back in style – the Modu-licious line of modular storage drawers and cabinets by Blu Dot seems to match the serene color combination of wood and lacquer that the About Face was going for.

Modu-licious #6 storage. Manufactured by Blu Dot.

As Blu Dot writes of their modular collection, “Drawers and doors are your canvas with the award-winning Modu-licious series. Choose from white, grey blue, FLW red, ivory, slate and robin’s egg blue to create your own look. In graphite-on-oak, maple and walnut with powder-coated steel drawers and doors.”

Beside the frontrunners of modular, spatially efficient and sensible storage that companies like Bensen and Blu Dot create to meet our bedroom organizing needs, many other companies have come up with equally as flattering pieces of the modern and inventive type to keep us guessing as to how their desgins could possibly get more intuitive.

—Sonja Hall

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Unique Wall Hangings from Rugs

Are you ever browsing online at your favorite furniture shop and can’t help but check out the rugs? You’re always finding gorgeous designs but don’t seem to have the right place to put them? It’s time to buy those designs you’ve been coveting. A great rug is not just for the floor anymore!  It can serve dual purpose with a little creativity and hardware.

The first step is to make sure your rug will hang securely on the wall. The size and weight will determine the best method for hanging.

Hanging a Rug

For a heavy duty solution add a sleeve to the back of your rug and insert a sturdy doll rod or curtain rod.

Rug as wall hanginghanging a rug also recommends threading old key rings through the back of your rug for hanging smaller pieces. We think these small clips would work nicely as well. Now that the hardware issue is taken care of, let’s get creative!

A small rug can be purchased in multiples to create a unique artwork layout. We used one of our Surya Rugs measuring two by three feet to compliment this bold orange sofa. The circular designs and colors play off each other brilliantly.

Surya Mosaic RugSurya Fallon Rug
Instead of trying to achieve a perfect paint technique or, dread, hanging wallpaper; find a rug that emulates the feel you want to achieve. Hang a rug like this ombré design on your “accent” wall. We’re also partial to this Fallon Rug in place of wallpaper. Each one of these has their own standout qualities depending on your design aesthetic. We guarantee it will get more oohs and aahs then a novice paint job with a lot less headache.

What makes this concept so brilliant is the multi-functional use. If you get tired of seeing the design on the wall, take it down and use the rug for its intended purpose. Place it under your dining room table or use the small rugs to dress up hallways. You’ll get more use out of these rugs then you ever thought possible!

—Jennifer Diana

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Mixing Metals for an Eclectic Decor

Mixing metals in décor is a trend we are seeing more and more. Say goodbye to the days of matching everything in a room. Think of silver with gold in the bedroom, chrome and brass in the kitchen and copper and nickel in the bathroom. Layered metals create dimension and interest in a space. Keeping an eye to balance and contrast, you’ll be able to effectively achieve a sophisticated décor you’ll love. Following are a few of my favorite “mixed metal” decors.

This glamorous bedroom gets it right with gold, silver, chrome and mirrored accents. The modern table lamp and stool contrast nicely with the ornate, vintage mirror.

A rustic metal mirror is set off by a black metal chandelier and gold picture frame for a harmonious look.

Copper, chrome and gold look quite at home together in this eclectic bathroom. The soaking tub is so inviting!

This is another space where copper, silver and gold play nicely when mixed strategically.

A mix of gold and silver looks lovely in Jennifer Lopez’s romantic home. Notice the soft gold tables and understated silver accents at the back of the room.

Chrome, silver and mirrored accents dominate this space, with just a hint of brass from a little side table.

An obvious mix of metals on this backsplash show just how sophisticated metallics can be when smartly put together.

This modern office gets its glow on with a brushed metal desk and lamp. Notice the only chrome element comes from the base of the modern desk chair.

—Joanna Crain Salinas



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The Original Emeco Navy Chair

The Mighty Emeco Navy Chair.  Here a friend snapped a picture at Crumbs Bakery at the Newark Airport. Light weight, made to last a lifetime, and timeless design.

Emeco Navy Chair

Dont forget to check out our volume discounts when you make your purchase.

—Fred Schectman

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