Buy Mom a Jewelry Armoire for Mother’s Day

What is a jewelry armoire?  Most women can answer this question immediately.  A jewelry armoire is a small piece of furniture designed to hold an entire wardrobe of jewelry with special “places” for rings, bracelets, hanging necklaces, pierced earrings etc.

These very functional and versatile furniture pieces are available in traditional, contemporary and mission styles in finishes that range from warm cherry to traditional oak.  There are also many hand painted pieces available to really customize a room.

Versatility is the key to these pieces.  If space is an issue, there are wall mounted units that open up similar to a medicine chest in the bath.  There are also armoires that double as a full length mirror on one side.  The small drawers can hold scarves, stockings and small handbags as well as over sized pieces of jewelry.

Depending on your décor, jewelry armoires can also be placed in a living room or guest room and act as a small accent piece of furniture.  The top is usually large enough to hold a lamp, photo or vase of flowers.  They are small enough to be used in a walk-in closet.  How nice to have all your jewelry available as you are getting dressed.

We all know how frustrating it can be to misplace one earring or try and untangle a necklace we want to wear.  Using a jewelry armoire to house all your pieces will not only protect them from dust or an accidental drop down the drain, but will also prevent tangling some of your very delicate pieces.  Many armoires are designed with an interior finish that will protect your metals from tarnishing.

Whether you have valuable gems and metals or your wardrobe mostly consists of costume jewelry, you have made quite an investment in purchasing your pieces.  Storing them in one safe place will not only protect them but many women find they wear their pieces more often when they can easily spot them in their jewelry box.

—Janet Wasiewski


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