Orange: The Hottest Color in Home Decor

For the past few months, orange has been a dominant color in many boutiques, especially when it comes to fashion and furniture. The trend, which mainly centers around various shades of this beautiful color in luxurious textures, is sure to please when it becomes part of your redecorating scheme – and we’re not talking your mom’s old couch orange. When paired with browns, navy, teal, gray, green, purple, rich reds, or pink, orange can be incredibly chic. However, it’s all about getting the right shade to convey the right mood.

When you’re shopping for the perfect shade, think about the traits that come along with the color and what feelings it can inspire. Traditionally, orange inspires feelings of vibrancy, energy, and warmth, making it a great color choice for rooms that need a little bit of spunk and spice. However, in creamier shades, orange can also be a very soothing color choice. Remember, you want your colors to create a certain feel in you home. Let your choice of orange be your guide into creating the right look and feel for your favorite spaces. It could be just the boost your home needs!

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