Freshen Your Room in Minutes

It’s true – you can freshen any room in your home in a just a few minutes without having to spend to much time, money or effort. Just think, with a few minutes each and every day dedicated to making your home look and feel even better, you can have hours and hours to actually enjoy things! Don’t stress out over getting your home absolutely perfect. Take a few minutes everyday and use these tips:

Sometimes all you need is a candle to make your room feel like home.

Sometimes all you need is a candle to make your room feel like home.

  1. First off, pick up things that are on the floor. This simple act alone will make your room feel entirely different. Put the clothes away, pick up the mail, and stash away whatever may be taking over your home.

  2. Use a fabric freshener or light a candle. This simple scented addition into your routine can make all the difference. Just be sure to choose candles or scents that correspond with your rooms. For example, a bathroom is soothing, so choose scents that encourage relaxation, like lavender or vanilla.

  3. Open the windows. Getting some air moving through your home can make all the difference when it starts to feel stale.

  4. If there’s a light bulb out, change it. Bring some light back into your favorite spaces.

  5. Stash a cloth in your living room or bedroom and keep it on hand for when you notice some dust. Just do a quick touch up. Don’t feel like you have to dust everything. Just a quick wipe and go.

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