Television and Entertainment Stands

Televisions have come a long way since they were ugly, grey-screened boxes which were generally deeper than they were wide. Small screen televisions once stood on wooden corner cabinets or purpose built hobs on the fireplace. Perhaps nothing has evolved more quickly than televisions in the last 40 years. Along with the changing TV, stands have also evolved to accommodate modern entertainment units.

The latest move is towards flat-screen TVs which can be wall-mounted. Neat, unobtrusive and with excellent picture quality this is the way progress is marching. But the screen is just the beginning of the story. Now we have video recorders, DVD players and satellite TV boxes, all wired up to network with the screen. Separate surround-sound speakers are also available to provide an in-home cinema experience. Storage of these units to make them accessible yet unobtrusive requires careful planning, especially with all that cable and wiring. A wall system or entertainment center is a great solution to this problem. Not only does it have a place for every appliance, it will also store CDs and DVDs in an orderly manner and provide space for a few ornaments and photographs too.

Traditionally furnished homes will want the TV stand to match the other furniture, and they come in a variety of wood finishes. A contrast may be better than a bad match, so consider a glass and aluminium effect finish for a modern look. They come in great shapes and sizes, from low coffee- table styles, to triangular corner-shaped pieces. Some are like metal racking, while other have come straight from Mars!

TV stands, like the TVs which they will house, come in a range of prices, qualities and styles to suit any budget. Enjoy checking them out at

—Gillian Birch


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