Caring for Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can be a great way to infuse luxury and style into your home, especially if you choose pieces that reflect your unique personality and help to make your rooms feel comfortable. As you invest in new leather furniture or look to boost up the look of your older pieces, remember that caring for your leather furniture is going to be key. At, we care about our leather and to help you care for yours, follow some of these easy tips.

First off, caring for your leather furniture should start with identifying the type of leather your furniture is made from. In most cases, leather furniture tends to fall under three categories: Aniline, Aniline Plus, and Nubuck. Aniline leather is a much more textured form of leather and is great for furniture pieces that really want to stand out. To clean it, all you need is a soft cloth and a vacuum with a soft brush extension. Every once in awhile, use a leather-friendly cleaning solution to preserve the quality of your furniture.

If your furniture pieces are Aniline Plus, you should find that your leather is pigmented or offers a much more smooth texture with fewer scratches, marks, and branding. As the most common form of leather for leather furniture, Aniline Plus offers a classic look. To clean it use a soft cloth and a soft brush vacuum extension, as well as a cleaning solution to preserve the overall look.

Finally, if you find that your leather has been buffed to feel like velvet or suede, chances are that it’s Nubuck leather. To clean this type of furniture, be sure that you use an approved cleaner for Nubuck that’s guaranteed to remove stains and can offer protection from natural body oils, spills, messes, and to preserve the texture. In addition, because this type of leather is so hard to clean, be sure that you’re avoiding situations that could compromise the quality of your leather furniture.

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