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We all know sleep is important—bed is where we spend the majority of our lives.  So why not splurge and buy a bed you love?!  Not only is the right mattress crucial, the style of bed is equally important.

Hastings Canopy Bed

Hastings Canopy Bed

The type of bed you choose can greatly affect your sleep.  For example, a canopy bed is perfect for someone looking for a nest-like experience.  Made for a medium to large bedroom, the traditional canopy bed creates a cozy, covered night’s sleep.  A great getaway for someone who wants the piece to be the focal point of the room, these beds are normally quite costly but worth the money for the visual impact.

The four-poster bed also has a grandiose look for a slightly more modest price point.  Once again made for a larger room, four-poster beds can offer sculptural interest with ornately crafted posts.  Or they can create a more New England style feel if whitewashed or simply cut.  Additionally, posts can come in a variety of heights.  Taller ones can elevate and accentuate a room’s height.  Smaller ones can showcase intricate finials and are more appropriate for smaller rooms.

If you prefer to make less of a statement or if you have a smaller room, choose a bed with just a headboard.  According to feng shui every bed should have a headboard.  While I don’t feel it’s always a must, headboards are a great way to ground a bed in a room.  I love a soft, upholstered headboard.  Not only does it add color and pattern to a room’s décor, it also provides a great backrest while reading.  Sea grass or woven headboards elegantly add texture to a space while remaining unassuming neutrals.  And, of course, you can’t go wrong with basic wood.  Dark woods can be masculine and strong while lighter stains can add a soft, feminine touch to a space.

No matter what type of bed you buy, be sure to choose carefully.  Different styles offer dramatically different sleep experiences.  Shop smart and sweet dreams!?

—Betsy Head


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