Choosing the Right Office Furniture

Your office, whether at home or work, must fulfill a particular need. It may be your inspiration, your haven and your comfort zone. If you have clients, it is also your shop window. The first impression they get of you and your business is your office, so it is important to set the right tone.

Traditional offices for professionals such as lawyers, bankers and doctors should suggest an air of permanence, security and success. Choose heavy mahogany furniture and darker walcoverings to set a serious note. If you have a large office, choose larger furniture, in keeping with the scale of the room. A reproduction antique desk with a faux leather top is a nice touch, and get chairs and filing cabinets to match where possible.

For the up-and-coming web designer, artist or media marketing professional the look should be totally different. The furniture needs to make a different statement – that you are modern, go-ahead and creative. Furniture needs to be of a different substance – maybe blonde wood, metal, or glass. 

Natural wood gives a simple, clean look, but other substances may be easier to clean, be scratch-proof and will not easily mark from heat, spills and even ink. For an informal seating area, leather sofas are a good choice. Give the room a focal point with an object-d’art on the coffee table and a splash of color on a large piece of modern art. 

Your workspace needs to provide the storage you need to keep paperwork orderly yet out-of-sight. Bookshelves make good display areas as well as holding reference books and files. Remember to think outside the box. You don’t need to buy office furniture from the office furniture shop. Look at dressing tables and wardrobes for storage too!

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