Organizing Your Garage


In most households, surprisingly, the messiest room is not the kid’s room. It’s the garage! Remember when you moved in and you could see all the walls? Remember when you could drive the car in every night? Remember the plans you had for pursuing a hobby in all that space? Now the very thought of lifting the door and taking a peek makes you shudder. The garage becomes a very convenient place to put ‘stuff’.  We put boxes down on the floor, and leave broken household items, which we’re going to fix soon, right there on the garage floor, and walk away. That space is so useful. But when you want to find something, it becomes a different matter. Now, help us at hand!

Throwing everything away or selling the lot at a garage sale is never going to work. There will always be necessities stored in the garage, so perhaps a compromise is needed. A little help with organized storage can go a long way to changing things. Home Depot and similar Home DIY stores offer a range of cheap racks to hold garden tools. By securing the handles in the slots, there is more space and you can see what’s what. The tools are now accessible, without having to be untangled from each other. Great. A few dollars well spent. Similar wall-mounted boards can be bought to store screwdrivers and smaller household and mechanic’s tools, and you can quickly see what’s missing too!

The Hot Rod Garage Furniture Collection by Powell Company

The Hot Rod Garage Furniture Collection by Powell Company

‘Hot Rod’ by Powell has produced a range of large cabinets specifically for the garage. Wall cabinets, shelving, roll away cabinets and even work benches and stools are all purpose made. Made of strong steel with a dimple-effect finish, these cabinets are tough enough to look the part and do the job well. Shelves are strong and purpose built for durability and strength. Strong, secure handles ensure that these cabinets will take the heaviest wear and abuse that they are likely to encounter.

A cheaper option is simply to buy some strong metal racking to line the walls. Old bicycles can be hung on purpose-made hooks and in no time at all, the garage floor is your own again!

—Gillian Birch

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