Simple Updates for Older Furniture

Furniture pieces are meant to be investments for life, but as in most cases, great pieces end up having to be trashed because of wear, tear, and otherwise outdated style. Not to worry. Here are a few great tips from on how to refresh your favorite furniture pieces using simple updates that don’t cost a bundle. It’ll save you time, money, and of course, your favorite furniture pieces:


Sometimes all your dresser needs is a fresh set of contemporary or vintage hardware. These easy to install, easy to replace pieces can be found in tons of options to fit your sense of style, plus in most cases, they easily screw on so there’s no drilling required.


Get creative and turn that plain white dresser into a work of art. Opt to do a mosaic on the top of your table or to paint your drawers with a creative design. The sky is the limit – all you need are just a few art supplies.

Fresh Coat

Repainting or staining your furniture pieces can also help to give new life. Just be sure that your furniture can handle a reworking. Also, don’t be afraid to play with texture if your plan is a good repainting.

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