Love Your Floors with Surya Eco Rugs

For more than three decades, Surya has been a top choice for incredibly chic area rugs and home accent pieces. But besides their commitment to creating stunning looks in your home, Surya also wants to give back to Mother Earth with a variety of eco-chic area rugs. Able to combine high quality style with sustainable manufacturing, each of the eco rugs from Surya offers a timeless, natural

Surya Eco Rugs

Surya Eco Rugs

beauty to your home in a variety of designs and colors. Whether your room is bold or subtle, Surya has the perfect rug to compliment the overall mood. Not to mention, these rugs are ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of your hardwood, bamboo, laminate, cork, ceramic, or tile flooring.

At, we also offer a variety of Surya eco rugs to compliment your favorite green furniture pieces. After all, shouldn’t your entire home be natural and sustainable? Great for eco conscious families, the green furniture and décor selection at is the perfect fit for your home. Stop by today and make your home a little bit greener.

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