Making a Bedroom Look a Million Dollars!

Bedrooms should always be designed with sleep in mind. Colors should be calming and relaxing, wall coverings should be subdued and lighting should be soft. Aim to create a calm oasis with a ‘retreat’ feel by adding luxury textures and fabrics with elegant accessories. Fancy window dressings and drapes add a decadent finish.

When choosing bed linen, the higher the thread count, the softer and finer the bed linen will be. Try to buy sheets that have a 400-count or more and you will notice the difference. Duvet covers and quilts should be luxurious, so look for shiny satins and silks. Velvet cushions and throws are another way to add to the sense of decadence. A simple bed cover can be dressed up with gorgeous cushions in various shapes and sizes. Choose cushions with beaded and fringed edges for added appeal. An artificial orchid or potted plant adds a nice touch to the room too.

Try to reflect a theme throughout the room. If the lamps are Tuscan-style, then choose artwork that has an Italian look to it. If the headboard is made of fancy ironwork, then choose nightstands made of glass and metal, rather than wood. Echo this with metal-effect fancy photograph frames. Aim for an uncluttered and spacious look with upscale accessories and your plain run-of-the-mill bedroom will soon take on a whole new look at very little cost.

–Gillian Birch


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