Glass Furniture – a Clear Winner!

Glass is an ancient material, yet it still manages to give an ultra-modern look to today’s furniture. Glass has a lot going for it – it matches every environment ,it is plain, easy to clean, and makes any room look spacious and uncluttered.

The latest design ideas use glass for office desks. They include transparent glass supports as well as a glass top. The latest technology offers the new glossy glass system which refracts colourful rainbow rays all around the room when the light catches it. Carefully chosen pieces of glass furniture can be mixed and matched with other furniture pieces to create a modern, minimalist effect in any room, from executive office to living room. All-glass coffee and end tables, such as the Glacier range are contemporary and avant-garde. The C-table is a delightfully curvaceous designed occasional table and the glass topped Roll-A-Carte is not only amazing to look at, it is also a useful piece of furniture for any home. Glass furniture can be smoked, coloured or even textured. The Pasadena two-tiered coffee table has a great ‘wet raindrops’ effect on the glass top and shelves.

Glass-topped dining tables have always been popular. They give a light uncluttered look to any dining area and draw attention by their very lack of substance. Glass TV stands are also practical. They take up very little space and blend in with any décor. Glass shelves, revolving glass storage and even glass sideboards are all the very latest fashion. If you are looking for furniture that is unconventional, dynamic and ultra-modern, then the answer is clear, crystal clear! 

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