Recycling Can be Fun!

Recycling is a popular topic today, but it can be creative and fun to re-use products for a purpose they were not designed for. The very nicest flower and bud vases can be made from discarded bottles. Vinegar bottles are often bulbous-based with a slender neck. These make perfect accent vases for a stem of fern with a gerbera or a single carnation. The flowers don’t have to be real, either. Silk flowers are great value in the long run, and you can have a choice of colours to interchange. Look for unusual shaped wine and champagne bottles too. One cheap range of wines comes in square sided bottles, and another range of liqueurs come in blue glass bottles. A vase would cost at least $10, and with these ideas you get to enjoy the contents first!

Save a fancy shaped jar with a lid to make a bathroom ornament. Simply fill with a little fine beach sand and add assorted tiny shells, a little dried seaweed, a few pearls or a dried starfish. Secure the lid, then shake and lay the bottle on its side. The heavier items always rise to the top. You can have a different arrangement every day!

Small crystal and glass dishes can be picked up in junk stores. Antique salts make great holders for night-lights or tall candles. When your eyeshadow or face powder runs out, remove the mirrors with a sharp knife (very carefully!) from the compacts and use them as display stands for small crystal ornaments to add reflected light.

Fancy chocolate boxes and tins make great storage for sewing necessities and odd buttons. Frame several old calendar pictures to make a great set of prints on a theme. Luxury wallpaper borders with scenes on such as lighthouses or farmyard animals make great small pictures. Just mount on card and pop in a cheap frame. You’ll be surprised just how much pleasure you can get from a little recycling!

— Gillian Birch


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