Decorating a Kid’s Room


Have you noticed what fun furniture is available for children’s rooms today? Inexpensive bedcovers can transform a twin bed into a racing car, a ship, or a castle fit for a little princess. Bedroom décor and furniture can fire a child’s imagination, providing a fantasy play space for hours of adventure for princesses, pirates and their mates!


Bedheads no longer have to be plain and dull. They can be multi-colored, incorporating bookshelves and storage. The space beneath the bed can hold drawers to store toys, clothes and clutter. A roll-out guest bed for sleep-overs is another great use of under-bed space. Clever designs put a bunk bed above a wardrobe, with a computer desk, chair and drawers all tucked into the space beneath – an innovative way to furnish a small room with one well-designed unit.

Doll house

The ultimate furniture for little girls is the delightful Doll House collection with a complete set of miniature rooms displayed in the head board, providing hours of fun. If you really want to set the scene for adventure on the high seas, take a look at the Shiver Me Timbers Bunk Bed, a marvelous design incorporating bunk beds in a pirate ship. With a dark wood finish and real brass port holes, hours of fun can be had by shipmates of all ages. Add a useful toy storage chest, in the shape of a pirate’s treasure chest, of course, and practicality meets fantasy keeping everyone happy!

Pirate Bed

Add a quirky mirror, a novelty lampshade and a brightly painted chair and the room takes on a whole new image. Wallpaper borders are easy to apply, look for the self-adhesive ones with a peel-off backing. Cut out a few characters or flowers from the left-over pieces and use them to decorate doors and drawers to give a coordinated effect. There’s a  designer in all of us, given a few ideas and a little prompting!

—Gillian Birch


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