Maintaining Your Beautiful Furniture

The day your furniture is delivered and set up, it looks at its best. Dusted, scratch-free and gleaming, it takes pride of place in the room. Keeping it looking this good with a little care and attention should be a quick and easy task.

Natural wood furniture ages and enhances over time. The color mellows and matures and with a little beauty treatment from time to time it can look good for a lifetime. Always use a natural polish, such as beeswax to feed and oil the wood, never a silicone spray. Work the polish in with a soft cloth and rub to a rewarding shine. Polishing can be very therapeutic and doesn’t require much effort. After that, a quick dust is all that is required, but never use a feather duster as it may scratch. Scratches can be treated with sticks of stain in various shades to match the original finish.

Man-made materials are even easier to clean and are ideal for children’s rooms and kitchens which get a lot of wear and tear. Wipe down with a damp cloth and polish dry to avoid streaks and smears. Stainless steel and chrome need specialist cream cleaners to remove greasy finger marks. The ready-to-use wipes make this child’s play and in 10 minutes the whole kitchen can look like new again.

Modern furniture often has glass tops, and a quick spray with glass cleaner and a polish with a paper towel is an easy job. Leather is also increasingly used in seating but it does not appreciate harsh chemicals. Wipe marks off with a damp cloth and give it a ‘spa treatment’ from time to time with a specialist leather cleaner.

A little time and the occasional application of the correct products will reap its own rewards and will keep your furniture looking as good as the day you bought it.

-Gillian Birch


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