Choosing the Right Dining Chairs


Now that you’ve selected the perfect dining table, what to do about those chairs?  The easy answer is to get the set that matches your table.  But any designer worth her salt will tell you that is NOT the answer.  Your table and chairs should “go together” but certainly not match.  You have the perfect opportunity to make a statement and incorporate a bit of play/interest with your chair choice.  So have some fun with it, using these tips.

First of all, pick a set of chairs in juxtaposition to the style/material of your table.  If you purchased a traditional trestle table, pair it with curving sea grass dining chairs whose cushions add a pop of color.  If you bought a farmhouse dining table, consider putting gunmetal stacking chairs around it.  Encircle a glass-top table with sleek, contemporary leather chairs.

Leather chair

If you want to use the same material for both the chairs and the table, change up the color.  With a walnut table, add painted ladder-back chairs.  You can paint the entire chair set the same color or choose a new color for each chair.  Painted wooden chairs are easily found at furniture shops.  Or custom-paint yours to coordinate with wall colors of fabric choices.  If this is a DIY project, be sure to lightly sand and prime your chairs, before brushing on the desired color.


Finally, for a look of whimsy and eclecticism, each chair around the table can be a different style/material.  To give the space a truly unique look, gather a collection of chairs that each has their own form and design.  You can tie them together by upholstering their seats in the same fabric.  Or embrace their mismatched look by leaving them just as they are.

Kong chair

With today’s return to family and home-cooked meals, formal dining rooms are practically a thing of the past.  Update your dining area with a new set of chairs.  The key to creating a casual, inviting eating area is to have fun with your chair selection and not settle for a matched-set!

— Betsy Head


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