Dining in Style


In these economic times, people are eating at home and spending more time around the dining table. That said, a dining table is a very personal and important home furnishing. It should be selected with a number of thoughts in mind: How often are you going to use it? Just for family gatherings or also for breakfast every morning? Do you want a “show piece” or a practical piece that can withstand daily use? Do you have large family gatherings that require an accommodating table?

There are a number of trends surfacing in the design of dining tables. Furniture stores are featuring the return of the farmhouse dining table. This style is slab-like, rectangular, and made from raw unfinished wood. At once giving both a casual and grand-in-size feel, the farmhouse table seats many and encourages a return to family-style eating.


Industrial tables are also all the rage. Often made from metal or zinc, these tables’ soldered joints and exposed bolts also have a raw feel. Rolling on casters, they recall a vacant warehouse or sprawling urban loft. While perfect for gatherings and buffets, the footprint of these tables is fixed, as they do not incorporate leaves or extensions.

Finally, dining tables that incorporate storage are also all the rage. Country-style tables can frequently be found with shelves for baskets where the pedestal base used to be. These baskets are perfect for storing seasonal tablecloths, linen napkins, and festive napkin rings. Some wood dining tables have pullout drawers under the tabletops. These drawers make setting the table quick work, as they are typically perfect for storing utensils or serving pieces.

Dining Table

Choosing the right dining table should be a thoroughly thought-out process. In addition to the traditional choices, it can be fun to check out the newest styles of tables to hit the marketplace!

—Betsy Head

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