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Brookland Daybed

My challenge was to decorate a comfortable guestroom doubling as a home office. My goal was to keep the room warm and inviting, but still masculine and functional.

The space, 10×10, was my first consideration. A daybed seemed the best bed for the scale. Daybeds are often delicate and feminine, but some mission style daybeds were warm and masculine. I wanted even more though, something totally lush. I found the perfect solution in the Hillsdale Furniture Brookland Daybed with a link and trundle.

This bed, with is warm tones, and mature feel lent its self to the home office. It also gave me two beds for the small space rather than one. Now that I had this major piece selected, everything else seemed to fall into place.

I re-used a warm beige rug and a side table from another room to define the space for the daybed. This gave me a little extra cash for the budget, and warmed up the ‘relaxing’ part of the room.

Computer Armoire Home Style

I looked at several medium and large desks, but they seemed too obtrusive. A friend mentioned I might want an armoire, and she was right. I found the Computer Armoire Home Style ,  from home Styles, in a coffee finish. It would fit perfectly to the right of the window, and easily hide all the computer equipment and paperworkwhen guest were around.


Floating shelves; pillows and wall art, (including Abstract Geometric Wall Panel ) finished off my room. I had created space both functional and inviting. The warm rich browns are trendy yet classic. The floating shelves are decorative, but also provide additional space for papers or guest’s things as needed.

My room makeover was a success because I asked my self the basic questions before I bought anything. What was the room’s intended functionality, scale, and what basic style did I want to go for.

I hoped you enjoyed my home office blog. Stay tuned as I tackle giving two teens an amazing shared bedroom in my next blog.

– Thomas Herman

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