Nailhead Trim is Back

Furniture accented with nailhead trim has always been associated with heavy leather chairs in a book-laden library of a very expensive home.  Not anymore!  This trim is back and will complement any design style.

Dining room chairs are a perfect spot to add some nailhead trim.  It will dress up an ordinary chair and add some personality to what can be a boring piece of furniture.

Below the Savoy Dining Chairs from Magnussen.


Depending on the style of the chair, the trim can be added to the front and back, along the seats or above a skirt if the chair is upholstered to the floor.   Adding just a touch of trim to the upholstered pads of the arm is a simple way to introduce this trend without going overboard.

If you are not looking to purchase new furniture but would like to update your room, nailhead trim can be added to the edges of your sofa and chairs.  Using this trim around the perimeter of an ottoman can really transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something special.

This type of trim can be found in bronze, gold and silver tones to match your decor.  Be careful not to overdo it.  If you start trimming every piece of furniture you have the appeal will be lost.  Speak with your upholsterer or look at what the designers are offering to get an idea of how you can use this look in your home.

— Diane Haynie

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