Color Me Brilliantly: The Latest Designs From Yoma Textiles

The company that goes by Yoma Fabrics has recently released four new patterns into their collection that adds what they refer to as “sumptuous texture with a distinctive color palette”. Indeed, the texture and coloring are apparent – standing out as true testaments to the design world that far surpasses today’s norm through a glossy sheen, 3D striping, a manipulated tweed, and even a highly decorative, formal design.

Beauty in Supple, Engaging Fabrics of the Bright Variety

The company’s latest lines—Chantal Stripe, Etienne, Salene, and Bijoux—are durable, stylish and perfect for the high-end markets that isn’t satisfied with the collections seen at large-scale retailers.

Salene. Designed and manufactured by Yoma Textiles.

For starters, Salene is known as a PVC-free vinyl fabric that “crosses effortlessly from high end residential to hospitality and even healthcare interiors.” Using what seems to be a neutral palette, the effect of its shine merit an applause by designers of small- to large-scale projects.

Chantal Stripe. Designed and manufactured by Yoma Textiles.

Next, the Chantal Stripe pattern by Yoma comes in a 55″ width and has three differen colorways, all shown here. Made from 50% Viscose, 30% Modacrylic, 10% Polyester, and 7% Cotton blend, it brings out 3D feel through its heavy texture and stripe trio.

Etienne. Designed and manufactured by Yoma Textiles.

Declaring itself the softest of the bunch, the Etienne textile is comprised of 32% Silk, 55% Viscose, and 13% Polyester fabric. Boasting a 51-52” width, go for colors like rouge, aloe, straw, and mer that blend together with speckled green, khaki, blue, and rust shades.

Bijoux. Designed and manufactured by Yoma Textiles.

Finally, the Bijoux design, which was inspired by vintage styles of handwoven carpet designs, is the most decorative and intricate of the bunch. It comes in seven colorways and  works to add a punch into any type of commercial or high-end residential project.

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