Chic Lounge Chairs of an Iconic Nature

A room can find its guiding decorative light through a statue carved by hand, a rug that screams for attention, or a piece of iconic furniture. In the case of the latter, there are several chair designs that pay tribute to a master who created it during the mid-century modernism era that have recently found their way back into our 21st century market.

Bring Out the High Quality, Mid-Century Feel in Lounge Chair Designs

The first example is known as the Paulistano chair by Paulo Mendes de la Rocha. Showcasing an understated elegance at the Espasso showroom of New York City, the chair is representative of the gallery itself, which works by “conserving Brazil’s rich 20th Century design heritage and promoting the work of today’s leading designers.”

Paulistano chair. Designed by Paulo Mendes de la Rocha.

Using various leathers and upholstery slung through the center of its frame, the Paulistano chair is the epitomy of a minimalist chair. Each of its flanks feature a cut out portion that compliments the rounded angles from top to bottom.

In another example of a simplified, yet stunning chair design, the Lento Collection by Harri Koskinen has surfaced as an ode to the mid-century modern movement. In the lounge chair, its smooth lines and slight recline sit low to the ground.

Lento Collection lounge chairs. Designed by Harri Koskinen. Manufactured by Artek.

Coming in various subdued colors – and also in a side chair design that fits nicely with a dining table – the Lento Collection for Artek figures out that the comfort and quality are as easy as tweaked angles and round edges.

For the ultimate, high design effect without going over-the-top in trendy fashion, the mid-century designs continue to inspire reissued pieces or current works with the same, smooth, sleek and truly minimalist aesthetic.

—Sonja Hall


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