Guide to Standard Furniture Measurements

How often have you purchased what you thought was the perfect sofa or bookcase only to get it home and find it does not fit your space?  Pieces often look much smaller in a large showroom.  While it is important to always measure your space and any existing pieces you have, it can help to know the industry’s standard measurements for furniture.


  • Twin bed-39″w x 75″l
  • Full size bed-54″w x 75″l
  • Queen size bed-60″w x 80″l
  • King size bed-76″w x 80″l
  • Calif. King bed-72″w x 84″l

Dressers, nightstands and chests can vary in width and height but are generally 18″ deep.

Dining room:

  • Table with one leaf-36″w x 72″ l x 30″ high
  • Arm chair-18″d x 22″ w  (height of back will vary depending on style, seat height usually 18″ from floor)
  • Side chair-18″d x 18″w

Living room:

  • Sofa-33-36″d x 72-84″w
  • Loveseat-33-36″d x 54-60″w
  • Coffee table-19″h x 18″w x 36-48″l
  • End table-can be round, square or rectangle but usually 20″ high
  • You will want to measure the back height of any sofas or chairs
  • Bookcase-depth can be anywhere from 9″ to 14″ deep.  Height varies but usually 48-84″.

Keep in mind that these are just standard dimensions to help you estimate your space requirements.  With the exception of mattress sizes, there are no hard and fast rules.  If it works for your family, then it works.   But the height of a dining table of 29-30″ is standard as this is the comfort position for most people to eat.  Same holds true for standard seat height of 18″ which allows plenty of leg room under the table.  However, other dimensions of your furniture can be customized such as the length of your sofa or  the diameter or dimensions of your dining room table. Remember, the key to avoiding expensive mistakes is to measure, measure and measure again.

— Diane Haynie

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