Change the Way Your Living Space Looks With Modern Area Rugs

The best thing about using area rugs for home decoration is that they are the quickest and easiest changes you can implement to revitalize and update your home. If you are still clueless about the right area rugs you can use in your home then go through the following suggestions:


When you set out to purchase rugs or any other decorative item for your home, you must decide on your budget or your investment. This is a great factor that will help you decide on the right rug type you should buy. If you want to place a rug permanently in your living space, then you should decide on the budget accordingly. However, if you are one of those homeowners who prefer frequent change, then do not spend a lot in buying a rug that you will replace soon.


Since area rugs are different from wall-to-wall carpeting, make sure there is enough space left between the rug and the wall. This can be done appropriately if you know the right size of the rug you should buy. Ideally, at least 3 feet space should be left between the wall and the rug. This space is also important for allowing the opening and the closing of the door smoothly. Measure the size of the room to avoid any confusion.

Solid or Patterns

Although this sounds complicated, this factor is easiest to decide. Simply, check if there are already a lot of patterns and texture on your drapes and furniture. If there are, then go for a solid rug, without any visible patterns. On the other hand, if it is the opposite case, a rug rich with patterns and texture will enliven any room.


Do not forget your color basics theory when choosing a rug. Lighter color rugs have the quality of making a space look larger and brighter. This is especially important for rooms with lots of furniture and less space available. On the other hand, for rooms with a limited amount of furniture, choose a darker color rug to give your room an intimate look.

Dirt Pattern

If there is a lot of foot traffic in a room, a light colored rug will soon catch the dirt. A neutral rug of ‘dirt’ color or pattern is a better and more practical choice. This is usually applicable in living rooms where the use of the rug is more.

Focal point

If the rug in your room should be the focal point, do not hesitate to buy an attractive central pattern rug. On the contrary, you must avoid buying such a rug if you don’t want other focal points to appear secondary.

Two or More Rugs

If your space is large enough to decorate with more than one rug, do not go for matching rugs. In fact, take this as an opportunity and show your creativity to show the harmonizing effect of using two or more rugs in the same space. Also, consider varying the shapes and sizes of the rugs for visual appeal.

Buying the right rug means an instant transformation that you will love!

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—Alex Moore



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