Larger-Than-Life White Suspension Lighting

I’ve often wondered what is missing in high ceiling homes. Yes, an elevated ceiling surface provides a sense of lofty calm in the interior environment, but does it really compare to the lifted feeling with the effect of a grandiose hanging light fixture filling part of its space? When done right, with a stylish, lightweight and white hanging light that is suspended just high enough to make an extension ladder bulb change possible, there’s absolutely no competition.

Shibori luminaire. Manufactured by Suzusan.

Massive Ceiling-Hung Light Fixtures Make a Strong Design Statement From Above

Using solid white construction in all of their lighting fixtures, Suzusan’s Shibori suspension lighting glows sweetly across the entire textured shade. “Softly subsiding contour and softly flowing colour transitions which result in a rhythmically structured surface structure are characteristic of materials that were adorned with this technique,” says the Suzusan website of their one-of-a-kind, Japanese creations by Hiroyuki Murase from their home (since 2008) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Libera lamp. Designed by Brian Rasmussen. Manufactured by Lucente.

In an example of an even more “open air” approach to match a vaulted ceiling’s natural vibe, the suspension lighting by Brian Rasmussen for Lucente, which goes by the name of “Libera”, brings separate plates together to form the luminaire that filters through the spaces. Concocted as an “evocative” lamp formed of various layers of aluminum sheets that are cut in rounded, wave-like designs, the Libera lamp plays tricks on passersby by reflecting the light through its slick pieces of aluminum from a blown glass cylindrical center.

Blending into high white ceilings, the suspension lighting of the large, white and airy variety allow an open ceiling space the freedom to feel open and refreshing while casting a golden glow on the room below.

—Sonja Hall


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