Small Space Décor – Make Small Spaces Appear Large with Four Easy Ideas

Since a lot of furniture or decoration cannot be added to a small room, it usually gets tough to select the right furniture type for small space décor. It is indeed challenging to create an open and airy atmosphere in a compact place. However, if planned properly, even a small space can appear large, functional and beautiful. In fact, you have various interesting options when it comes to small spaces’ décor. Go through the following tips:

Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

This is not to remind you about Snow White, but to give a fantastic idea that truly works. Mirrors when used in small spaces are not only amazing decorative accessories, but a great way to make a small room look large. Mirrors reflect light to create openness in the room required to make it appear bigger. With this said, you must follow a set of rules to use the mirrors in the right way in small rooms.

  • Instead of using small mirrors, use large ones with pretty frames. Get a narrow floor length mirror, place one on top of a mantle, one on a tabletop, etc. The bigger the mirrors you use, the better. Do not let this idea defeat the main purpose by using several small mirrors that will only result in visual clutter.
  • Make sure you place at least one mirror across a window or outdoor opening. This will let more light reflect in the mirror and will create a more open and airy environment in the room.

Large Furniture

Most people get confused with this idea, but it is useful and very effective. By placing large furniture in small space room, you can actually achieve the purpose of making the space appear larger. However, you must limit the amount of furniture you add into a small room.

When lots of small pieces of furniture are crammed in a compact place, the area starts to look cluttered and crowded. So create a sense of large space by using less but functional furniture.

Light Paint

While dark paints can brighten up a room, they are not very effective in making a room appear larger. In order to create a sense of space, use only light colors in small spaces. Use any light tone on all the walls and try to eliminate any details by using one color throughout the room. However, for a change you can use different hues of the same paint on the trims.

Armless Seating

This is another very effective way to maintain an open feeling in a compact space. Armless seating is a great way to save a lot of sense of space. Try furnishing with slipper sofas or slipper chairs. This technique only bluffs and does not actually save space. However, it is practical and can be used to get rid of the visual cluster usually at display in smaller spaces.


For construction purpose, always install large windows in small rooms and spaces. Large windows let the outdoor environment enter inside and give an airy and open feeling to the room. Do not cover the windows with dark curtains or drapes.

—Alex Moore

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