Marvel at a Bathroom of Subtle Mosaic Tiles

While there are times a mosaic floor or wall goes beyond classy and enters the touch gaudy sphere, a normal tile floor is considerably less interesting. To accomplish the style of a mosaic tile done right, we look to a few tile companies – namely Artsaics and Soli – and that know the industry and mosaic tile application best.

Pixel Black tiles. Manufactured by Soli.

When I think of the best looking mosaic tiles, they aren’t typically the kind that stun us with their brilliant color combinations. Instead, the variation of one color that has worked on developing tints and shades is much more respectable. A company that pulls this off well is Soli, and their Elemental Aluminum line. Featured above, the Pixel Black style uses only circular, pixel-esque shapes. The other style within their Elemental Aluminum line use squares and circular shapes in what they describe as a Fractal design of mosaic tiles, seen below.

Fractal Silver tile. Manufactured by Soli.

A mosaic in the bathroom does not need to only occupy surface space on the floor or the wall. Instead, dazzle the bathtub and other fixtures with the flexing ability of the small rectangular tiles.

In the Soho Collection by Artsaics, the subtle, natural tones pull matching shades from the floor and wall décor to accomplish a fully-matching aesthetic is far from causing boredom (and definitely steers clear of too-bright drama that bold colors can sometimes create).

Mix in the glossy colors of a mosaic featuring neutral tones and silvery metallics and black to keep the bathroom looking clean using rectangular, circular, and square tiny tile shapes for a unique visual effect.


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