Unique Wall Hangings from Rugs

Are you ever browsing online at your favorite furniture shop and can’t help but check out the rugs? You’re always finding gorgeous designs but don’t seem to have the right place to put them? It’s time to buy those designs you’ve been coveting. A great rug is not just for the floor anymore!  It can serve dual purpose with a little creativity and hardware.

The first step is to make sure your rug will hang securely on the wall. The size and weight will determine the best method for hanging.

Hanging a Rug

For a heavy duty solution add a sleeve to the back of your rug and insert a sturdy doll rod or curtain rod.

Rug as wall hanginghanging a rug


Rugrag.com also recommends threading old key rings through the back of your rug for hanging smaller pieces. We think these small clips would work nicely as well. Now that the hardware issue is taken care of, let’s get creative!

A small rug can be purchased in multiples to create a unique artwork layout. We used one of our Surya Rugs measuring two by three feet to compliment this bold orange sofa. The circular designs and colors play off each other brilliantly.

Surya Mosaic RugSurya Fallon Rug
Instead of trying to achieve a perfect paint technique or, dread, hanging wallpaper; find a rug that emulates the feel you want to achieve. Hang a rug like this ombré design on your “accent” wall. We’re also partial to this Fallon Rug in place of wallpaper. Each one of these has their own standout qualities depending on your design aesthetic. We guarantee it will get more oohs and aahs then a novice paint job with a lot less headache.

What makes this concept so brilliant is the multi-functional use. If you get tired of seeing the design on the wall, take it down and use the rug for its intended purpose. Place it under your dining room table or use the small rugs to dress up hallways. You’ll get more use out of these rugs then you ever thought possible!

—Jennifer Diana

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