Nestle Into a Rounded Chair Design

Rounded backrests in chairs create the warmth of dinner in a booth with friends on a chilly winter night, except for you and yourself alone. Whether you curl up into the new lounge chair of the Portofino Collection by Paul Brayton Designs or prefer the semi-circular wood construction found in the Solo by Studio Nitzan Cohen by Mattiazzi, each share the fluid backrest that keeps on giving.

Portofino Collection. Manufactured by Paul Brayton Designs.

Semi-Circular Chair Designs that Wow Lounges and Cafés with Comfort and Unmistakable Modern Style

The cushioned design by Paul Brayton is named after the Italian town of Portofino, located on the western side of the country that is tucked into a circular, coastal area. As inspiration for the design itself, the rounded shape comes through in the armchair, footstool and ottoman offered in their brand new contract furniture collection.

For a completely different approach to round backrest design, the Solo by Mattiazzi is all about minimalist lines and wooden construction for an easy breakfast nook or upright side table and chair addition to any room.

Solo chair. Designed by Studio Nitzan Cohen. Manufactured by Mattiazzi.

The round shape not only finds itself in the backrest of the Solo chair. A cute circular seat is positioned atop the four wooden legs beneath. In a variety of colors and finishes, the design brought to us from Munich, Germany is a gorgeous, well-engineered piece of solid wood furniture.

Mattiazzi described their lovely little Solo design as “more of a character, a bit hard but very round, very simple but also intricate, practical and pragmatic but offering a great deal. It’s a café chair, a bar stool that makes no fuss about what it does, a character that says, plainly: ‘Have a seat,’ and one happily complies.”

Whether it’s a cushioned seat for a comfortable lobby or lounge design or the coordinating chair and small table designs for enjoying a morning croissant by the window in your home or favorite café, rounded chairs are springing up everywhere as an easy solution to ergonomic armrests that come built into their no-frills designs.

—Sonja Hall

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