Mixing Metals for an Eclectic Decor

Mixing metals in décor is a trend we are seeing more and more. Say goodbye to the days of matching everything in a room. Think of silver with gold in the bedroom, chrome and brass in the kitchen and copper and nickel in the bathroom. Layered metals create dimension and interest in a space. Keeping an eye to balance and contrast, you’ll be able to effectively achieve a sophisticated décor you’ll love. Following are a few of my favorite “mixed metal” decors.

This glamorous bedroom gets it right with gold, silver, chrome and mirrored accents. The modern table lamp and stool contrast nicely with the ornate, vintage mirror.

A rustic metal mirror is set off by a black metal chandelier and gold picture frame for a harmonious look.

Copper, chrome and gold look quite at home together in this eclectic bathroom. The soaking tub is so inviting!

This is another space where copper, silver and gold play nicely when mixed strategically.

A mix of gold and silver looks lovely in Jennifer Lopez’s romantic home. Notice the soft gold tables and understated silver accents at the back of the room.

Chrome, silver and mirrored accents dominate this space, with just a hint of brass from a little side table.

An obvious mix of metals on this backsplash show just how sophisticated metallics can be when smartly put together.

This modern office gets its glow on with a brushed metal desk and lamp. Notice the only chrome element comes from the base of the modern desk chair.

—Joanna Crain Salinas



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