Rectangular Lines for a Clean Bathroom Expression

Although I’m all about wood in a bathroom, the use must be modern and simple. It should conjure up the feeling of being clean through the use of sharp lines (that don’t look much like paneling) and ideally, with the use of white to maxmize the lightness of the finish.

Nendo Collection. Designed by Oki Sato. Manufactured by Bisazza Bagno.

Outlined of Wood and Filled in With White: The Ultimate, Clean Bathroom is Achieved with a Nendo Collection by Bisazza Bagno

When I stumbled across Oki Sato‘s Nendo Collection for Italian manufacturer Bisazza Bagno a short while back, it instantly caught my eye. As the third line in the exclusive manufacturer’s bath fittings portfolio, the Nendo Collection uses Larch Wood to create the golden tones that warm the sterility of a bathroom and transform it using the art of rectangular modernity that lengthens and structures the space perfectly.

Hitting a minimalist feel, the wood of the bathroom storage, the outlined vanity area, and the rounded sink all come together neatly. One of Sato’s objectives with Nendo was to “evoke a sense of calm and serenity present in ancient places of meditation”. Thanks to the combination of strong materials that match from the bathtub and drawers to the sink, he has done that and more.

The Nendo Collection of bathtubs, sinks, and drawers for Bisazza Bagno accomplishes that and more, allowing the bathroom to feel like a spacious sanctuary of wooden warmth and accessibility.

—Sonja Hall

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