Unique Coffee Tables Add Charm and Vitality

Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, the beckoning surface of a mid-room table at your feet is an attractive and functional piece of furniture for the living room. While many of the simple coffee table structures stand on four legs and are made of varying types of solid wood, these days, going for a unique design is not too hard to come by with a little digging.

More than their ability to react to your need for reading materials, a footrest, or a surface for your coaster, a coffee table stands to separate your seating area and give the living space a focal point.

Fan coffee table. Designed by Mauricio Affonso.

Brazilian designer Mauricio Affonso is a London-based designer – who is previously recognized for the sustainable/reclaimed/found piece he calls the POP Pendant Light. Recently, however, he created the Fan Table as a piece that morphs – expanding and contracting just like the Japanese “sensu” or the Chinese “shànzi.”

Paul & Paula coffee tables. Designed by Matthias Ferwagner. Manufactured by Nils Holger Moormann.

For the Paul & Paula tables by Matthias Ferwagner for Nils Holger Moormann, the the coffee tables can come in two different heights. The Bavarian furniture producing company uses a brilliant red cable stretched out taut beneath the tables’ gray and black surfaces. Made of a synthetic fiber, the vivid color extends from the linoleum tabletop to stainless steel leg, creating wide X-like designs beneath.

Cardboard coffee table. Designed by Santiago Morahan of Diseño Cartonero.

If a more solid structure is desired, consider the eco-friendly Cardboard coffee table by Santiago Morahan of Diseño Cartonero. With a strong and solid base, its varied surface is as tell-tale as the stump of a tree, showing each layer as its smoothed out across the contour line that the piece creates as a whole.

—Sonja Hall

Whether a plain wooden coffee table matches the wood door frames or not, the addition of a vibrant, low-set table design goes beyond functional, spawning a creativity energy that brings out the best of every surrounding piece.

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