Boxy Beds of the Warm and Wooden Variety

We all adore the beauty of wooden design. For some of us, the crisp and clean lines of metal draw us in for the modern aesthetic we desire, but for others, the combination of wood and modern design finds true harmony in a bedroom design with purpose.

The PCHseries bedroom collection. Manufactured by MASHstudios.

The PCHseries by manufacturer MASHstudios does a beautiful job as a wooden canopy bed. It’s boxy canopy nature never attempts at a single dip or curve to capitalize on its confident, straightforward desire for essential and contemporary design. Given the mentality of a modernist from Southern California, the PCHseries derives its name from the Pacific Coast Highway and thus stakes its claim as a representation of the long road of rugged coastline without ornamentation beyond the elements.

Achilles bed. Designed by Adrien Haas.

Another boxy wooden bed design comes with a modular shell. Created by French designer Adrien Haas, the Achille child’s bed is made with an optional toy chest/ play area at the foot of the bed that grows up to the size of a full twin along with your child.


Brooklyn bed collection.

Featuring solid wood construction, the Mission style, 14-piece Brooklyn Bed Collection comes with either two or four drawers tucked beneath it. By adding extra storage within the frame, it doesn’t allow for accumulating treasures beneath that take away from the feng shui of a room. Instead, opt for an organized bedroom by placing what is a full dresser beneath for clothing, toys, blankets, books or whatever else may need handy storing.

When the search for the perfect wooden bed that isn’t overtly traditional proves itself a difficult one, consider the boxy designs of high quality wood that will satisfy a purposeful function as canopy bed, children’s modular bed, or storage space beneath.

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