Green and Refreshing Residential Design

There are plenty of ways to bring your home up to modern-day green standards without knocking down walls to meet those of LEED. Instead, go for simple plants in state-of-the-art planter or hanging terrarium designs – or if you have no semblance of green thumb in your DNA, perhaps an eco-lighting design based on a wild, but ubiquitous plant shape.

Palma planters. Designed by Rainier Mutsch. Manufactured by Eternit.

Palma planters. Designed by Rainier Mutsch. Manufactured by Eternit.

For the patio, go for an earth-friendly fiber cement planter that is both attractive to the understated minimalist and strong enough to handle the elements. An example is the Palma planter by an Austrian designer, Rainer Mutsch, for the Swiss manufacturer Eternitthat uses the company’s own Softline compound of 100% recyclable materials which is made up of cement, limestone powder, fiber, air and water.

Speaking of being enlightened, even if relatively less similar to the world of live plants than planters and terrariums, “A Piece of Forest” lighting installation designed by Modern Times is a modular light sculpture made with LEDs into the shape of a tree. With six-sided pods that can overlap one another slightly to create the deciduous tree form in gorgeous earthly tones of green and blue, each of A Piece of Forest’s sustainably-construcuted lighting pods contain LED strips that transmit light.

A Piece of Forest modular LED light structure. Manufactured by Modern Times.

To breathe in fresh oxygen indoors, however, many of us would prefer a beautiful plant for starters. If we get more ambitious, perhaps even the HERB² by Mariann Hildal and Milda Liubinskaite that was made for the Fabrikaat exhibition from Ventura Lambrate 2012 of this year’s Milan fair. The flexible serves as a room divider and terrarium made up of multiple cubes that grows upwards to allow greenery within the smallest of city dwellings.

HERB² flexible terrarium partition. Designed by Mariann Hildal and Milda Liubinskaite.

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