Glowing Up: Textured, Hanging Lamp Designs for Every Home

Stick a straight up cream-colored shade on your lamp and it does the job, but go for broke in stylish lamp fashion and you’ll be setting the stage in the midst of your own home theater. Like the woven nature of the Knottee Lamps by Kenneth Cobonpue, the soft, golden hue of the DIY myLight, or the massive felt pendant we call Hood by Form Us With Love, a hanging pendant light deserves the credit – especially when it floods a room with light and acts a source of wonderment as we ponder its texture.

Knottee Lamp. Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue. Manufactured by Hive.

“Concealing a round frosted glass diffuse is a series of knit patterns in gray and olive green taffeta fabric,” describes lighting and interior accessories manufacturer, Hive, about Kenneth Cobonpue’s design of the Knottee lamp. Thanks to Cobonpue’s eye for smooth, open-knitted structures – similar to his Pigalle Easy arm chair made from fiber, steel and nylon twine – an inviting dance plays through the openness of his lighting and furniture pieces.

myLight hanging light. Manufactured by PROJECTIONE.

Likewise, the golden glow that flows out from the egg-shaped, homemade splendor of the myLight by PROJECTIONE is soft and supple. Looking somewhat like a piñata gone minimalist, the do-it-yourself construction is laser-cut from white mylar and assembled onto a clear acrylic frame to keep its shape. Color comes before the cutting process begins through a laser printing process which lets solid colors fade between two shades.

Hood lamps. Designed by Form Us With Love. Manufactured by ateljé Lyktan.

Speaking of soft lighting, the Swedish design firm Form Us With Love created Hood, a new light for the dignified Swedish lighting manufacturer, ateljé Lyktan. In their nod to duality, they write of the 2011 lighting fixture “Designed to be both a light source and a sound barrier, Hood forms a halo over the table, catching loose sentences in its thick felt.” Appearing to be an umbrella without the handle, the felt shades float effortlessly above us with a subtle oceanic energy surrounding their arched curves.

Thinking outside of the round or square box that is typically the lampshade, I’m glad to see lighting as a place where designers reach for the next big hit in woven, DIY and tactile felt lamp designs. With an endless array of materials and processes that evolve as quickly as we do, there’s no reason to stop looking for the next best (heavily tactile) lighting fixture.

—Sonja Hall


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