Inventive Storage Solutions that Dress Up the Bedroom

After waltzing through furniture stores and online furniture design companies, the endless array of plain dressers is enough to have us opting for a design based solely on wood finish. Stand up against the oversimplified, mass-manufactured pieces for the sake of creative organization with an inspiring design. Especially one that was thought up by someone who really pondered the question of how best to filter through our glorified items through sorting and stacking with shelving and drawers.

About Face rotating cabinet. Designed by Niels Bendtsen. Manufactured by Bensen.

The About Face designed by Niels Bendtsen for Bensen is an example of an unconventional storage design that features both a swiveling base and full length mirror. Acting as a column to draw our gaze into under-utilized space, the 25.25”H x 46”W x 18”D totem is made out of a veneer of walnut or white oak and a powder-coated steel base. Within its structure there are four adjustable shelves with a singled center shelf that is fixed in place.

Modu-licious bedside table. Manufactured by Blu Dot.

Since we couldn’t possibly fit all of our precious goodies into a column or two – even if they spin around and give us a glimpse of whatever it is we’re attempting to bring back in style – the Modu-licious line of modular storage drawers and cabinets by Blu Dot seems to match the serene color combination of wood and lacquer that the About Face was going for.

Modu-licious #6 storage. Manufactured by Blu Dot.

As Blu Dot writes of their modular collection, “Drawers and doors are your canvas with the award-winning Modu-licious series. Choose from white, grey blue, FLW red, ivory, slate and robin’s egg blue to create your own look. In graphite-on-oak, maple and walnut with powder-coated steel drawers and doors.”

Beside the frontrunners of modular, spatially efficient and sensible storage that companies like Bensen and Blu Dot create to meet our bedroom organizing needs, many other companies have come up with equally as flattering pieces of the modern and inventive type to keep us guessing as to how their desgins could possibly get more intuitive.

—Sonja Hall

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