Milan 2012: The Histogram and Copper Fossil Tables by Nucleo

When the polishing and vacuuming simply don’t make your sofa, carpet, and lighting pop after years of use, many of us turn to a new paint job or something equally as work-intensive. Thanks to the Torino-based design collective known as Nucleo, they have jumped into the residential furniture scene this spring with a couple of brand new coffee table designs – the Histogram and the Copper Fossil Tables – which are currently being presented at the Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone.

Histogram coffee tables by Nucleo

The Histogram coffee table is among the artistic treasures that make up the entire series of “unlimited objects” they have on display this week. With its design, the Nucleus design collective brings out the beauty of rich, contrasting colors – in very alternative shades – through the use of epoxy resin. The design of the Italian design team’s Histogram low table stemmed from the idea that “by breaking down a source image into parts and then subsequently reconstructing it to obtain unique three-dimensional objects”, the design would subsequently pop more than a solid color brushed or sprayed onto your wall.

Also new to their line-up for Spring 2012 is the Copper Fossil coffee table (see below). The similarities between the two table designs draw on the hyper-dimensional profiles using an imbalance and asymmetrical look to make them dynamic alone or with ordinary furniture surrounding their dainty height.

Copper coffee table by Nucleo

According to Nucleo, it “plays on the presumption to design the future of its objects making them fossils of themselves. As with the trace fossils where we find the imprint of the original item, in the same way the implementation process that creates the object leads to the destruction of its original.”

In both table designs, Nucleo seeks to redefine the way we view a tabletop structure by revamping its base and adding texture as well as color to its exterior.

—Sonja Hall

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