Make a Small Living Room Look Large With Exciting Room Decorating Ideas

The following are some interesting design ideas that can turn a crammed space into a cozy and funky living room. When there is only a single room where you can read, watch television, relax, and entertain, it can become quite challenging and difficult to decorate it in such a way as to maximize the available space.

Below are the few ideas to make a living room look more spacious, stylish, and functional. These are tricks to efficiently bluff the eyes.

Arrangement of Furniture

The easiest way to make a living room appear large by arranging furniture is to get multipurpose furniture. This is specifically practical with furniture such as a sleeper sofa. Instead of getting a separate bed and sofa, a sleeper sofa is a smarter choice as it effectively saves a lot of space. While you can enjoy a stylish living area enjoying snacks together in the evening, the same sofa can become a comfortable bed if you wish to lie down and watch a movie.

In addition to this, you can get armless furniture elevated on slender legs to make the living room more spacious and airy.


Furnishing your room with a color that is similar to the color of wall makes the space appear larger. However, adding textured and colorful accessories can add a feel of more breadth inside a small living area.

Adding flow from room to room is another way to make your living room appear larger. This is done by adjoining rooms with a trick of same paint and using similar materials in two connecting rooms.


Proper lighting can make any space look roomy.  Get creative with the lighting accessories or get colorful curtains for the windows to let natural light and brighten up the living room with a nice color.

Add materials like metal, glass, and mirrors that reflect light as it is one of the best tricks to make space look larger.

Do not limit your style just because you have limited space. Get creative and follow some nice ideas to make your living area appear larger and exciting.

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