Classy Kitchen Update – Kitchen Décor and Styling Trends

It is very important to determine the decorating style for your kitchen before you begin redecorating. Traditionally, there weren’t many choices available when kitchen updating and revamping was concerned. However, today the available choice will leave you bewildered and baffled. Keep your basic requirements on top of the list in order to choose the perfect styling trend for your kitchen.

The following are some popular kitchen styles that can be considered if you are planning a revamping or remodeling of your kitchen.

Country Style

This style is also known as Colonial and Early American since its basic purpose is to design a kitchen following the theme of a lovely quaint farm. Such kitchens often features pot racks, open shelves, and carries the feeling of it being well lived in.

There are various color schemes available for country style kitchens. However, the theme of cabinetry units remains same throughout.


Shaker is a utilitarian and simple kitchen style that has brass handles, wooden countertops, and flat panel doors.


Contemporary kitchen styling is becoming very common and famous. This type of kitchen styling is widely used because of its simple and clean lines. The cabinets in such kitchens are simple and futuristic looking without any ornate features or carvings on them. Contemporary kitchen styling basically emphasizes on putting more practical sophistication and style in the kitchen rather than the warm feeling or beauty.

French Country

The basic quality of a French country kitchen styling is the use of soft colors and wood, which gives the kitchen a very inviting and warm feeling. Aside from heavily using natural materials, French country kitchen styling also uses great and useful furniture in the kitchen.

Arts and Craft

This is another kitchen decoration style that is dramatically becoming popular. Arts and craft kitchen style uses natural wood tones and glass doors that are finished in a matt sheen effect. Like the name says it, this style of kitchen gives you a greater chance to get more creative and artistic with the designs.

Choose the styling trend for your kitchen according to the theme you like.

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