Change the Ambiance of Kids Room with 5 Amazing Kids Beds

Many people find it difficult to bring kids to bed. Almost all children tend to follow the similar pattern of hanging around and staying up with adults especially when it is bedtime. According to a research, the ambience of a child’s room and their bed can be greatly influential on the behavior of the child. A comfortable ambience and a nice bed can easily drag children to their room for bedtime.

Beds for kids are available in a wide variety. You can choose the perfect bed to make your child’s room more interesting and welcoming. The following are 5 different types of beds that can be creative and practical for your kid’s room.

Character Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are the most common beds that are found in children’s rooms. For siblings who share the same room, bunk beds can be very practical in saving space. However, in order to make bunk beds more attractive, get creative and add a theme to the bunk bed and make it interesting for kids. Get princess castle bunk beds for your girls and for boys, get them their favorite race car bunk beds. There are endless character options that you can look for in bunk beds. Make bedtime a fairytale for your kids.

Beds with Storage Drawers

This is another very useful and practical bed type for kids. These beds can play a great role in maintaining clean and clutter-free atmosphere in the room. Since there are many things kids like to keep in their room, beds with storage drawers can be used for the storage purpose. The drawers are typically situated under the bed due to which the beds are slightly heightened. Such beds save a lot of space and make the room look spacious and tidy. Kids feel happy staying near their stuff, even when they are sleeping.

Double Bunk Beds

This is a very interesting and innovative kid’s bed plan. It is a normal twin on top bunk bed with an additional bed next to the bed on the bottom. It is like an extra mattress facing outwards from the basic bed on the bottom. This is the perfect bed if the room is shared by more than two siblings. This bed is also functional as it saves a lot of space and keeps children close during bedtime. This can be interesting for children and they can take turns to sleep on the twin on top bed.

Bookcase Headboard

Another very practical bed that can be used in a kid’s bedroom includes a bookcase headboard. This can be added to any normal bed, either double, single, king or queen size. This gives additional storage space and extends the headboard for accommodating a bookcase. While children always require additional space for books and toys, they will really enjoy this type of bed in their bedroom.

Loft Bed with Desk

Loft bed is another innovative bed type that is becoming increasingly popular. This bed type is quite similar to bunk bed except that it does not have the bottom bed. Instead of the bed, the bottom space is utilized as a desk, or as a storage space to keep clothes, books, or toys. Unnecessary space can be effectively filled with this amazing storage desk that kids will love.

Get some great beds for your kids’ room and make sleeping time fun for them!

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