Spring for Joyous Colors This Season

While I am quite content wearing various shades of gray and beige most of the time, I’ll admit the spring fever for flashy colors is definitely in the air. Evermore present this blossoming season of 2012 are colors that trend toward the beloved 1980s where neon shades somehow made it away from our snow cones and onto over-sized graphic tees with matching hair scrunchies.

Thanks to designers who know better, the colors are back with a vengeance, but the designs have since been updated in the furniture world to a skilled compilation that infuses a little wood, a little texture and a little technicality into the mix for a double-whammy of blinding brilliance (within reason).

Breathe Vivid Life into Your Space with Bold Shades for Spring

Spring for Joyous Color Combinations

Vertical Fabrics Collection. Manufactured by Camira Fabrics.

The bright colors brought forth by none other than Camira Fabrics are known to the furniture upholstery industry as the Vertical fabrics collection. Coming in sixteen different colorways, the eye-popping fistful accompany a few neutral shades to keep everyone happy.

Spring for Joyous Color Combinations

Bottle Collection. Designed by Deesawat Industries.

In the Bottle Collection of outdoor furnishings designed by Deesawat Industries, saturated orange cushions with blue, green and yellow pillows sit quaintly inside wooden structures. The beauty of being outdoors just granted us a slatted-wood cocoon, making us feel safe from predators while still susceptible to bugs, wind and a striped sunburn. Gorgeous and vivid nonetheless.

Spring for Joyous Color Combinations

Sound Absorbing Panels. Manufactured by Wobedo.

For the office, the classroom, or the kid’s play area at home, the Wobedo sound absorbing panels flood us with warmth. A fuschia-, tangerine-, and cherry-tinted type of warmth that sops up sound using a high tech system to keep spaces tolerable while remaining aesthetically-pleasing.

By seeing three lovely products in a row that bring us back to the days of old, let’s hope the bygone 1980’s act only as inspiration for the modern designs of our 21st century. That is to say that by including all three of these gorgeous designs in one space would be design suicide. Please refrain from the temptation. Instead, the shades of gray and beige may be called in as neutral territory to bring us back to down to Earth, and kindly into the much-anticipated spring.

—Sonja Hall


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