How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

If you own modern and classy wooden furniture, it is your responsibility to take care of it. You can maintain the beauty and durability of your wooden furniture with few basic care techniques. The following are some tips for taking care of your furniture.

If you want your wooden furniture to last for years, it is very important to keep it away from direct sunlight. Exposing wooden furniture to sunlight can cause its finish to fade out. Although new and modern wooden furniture is coated with finishes that keep it safe from sunlight. But since care is better than cure, try avoiding furniture to stay in sun for long time. Even if the furniture is placed indoors, close the blinds and drapes to avoid sunlight from affecting your wooden furniture.

In order to avoid dings and scratches, it is essential to protect the tops of wooden furniture. If it is a wooden table, the best way is to cover it up is by using a tablecloth. Not only will it protect the surface of the table, it will also add an exciting accenting look. Do not put hot utensils on wooden furniture directly. You can use hot pads, trivets, and coasters to protect the top of your table too.

Moreover, it is very important to keep wooden furniture dry. When wood is exposed to moisture, it can cause it to fade or peel. Therefore, make sure you wipe any spills as soon as possible before it starts damaging your wooden furniture.

Cleaning wood furniture is another very important aspect. In order to keep the surface bright and shiny, wooden furniture must be cleaned regularly. Do not scratch the wood with any harsh cleaning material. Use a soft cloth for cleaning. You can use warm water to clean any stains on your furniture. Do not spill water over the furniture; just soak the cloth for cleaning. Do not use detergents or soaps to clean wooden furniture. There is a wide variety of wood cleaning products available in the market that you can try. You can also polish your furniture however, over-polishing is strictly not recommended.

Humidity tends to damage wood. Thus, storing furniture in a place with too much, or too little humidity can damage wooden furniture easily. Since basements are damp, it is not good idea to store wooden furniture in the basement.

Wooden furniture can be used inside the house and even in outdoor patios. It’s only the factor of maintenance and cleanliness that can keep your wooden furniture in shape forever.

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