Color Schemes – Experience the Magic of Choosing Right Colors for Your Home

Colors have a connection with our psychology and the way we feel. While red color is hot, attractive, and exciting, green color can be very relaxing. This is why red is commonly used in living room and dining room to make it lively and green color is used in bedrooms and study rooms.

There are certain colors that appeal to everyone. In case you are still unaware of your favorite color, check out your wardrobe. In addition to the base colors like beige, grey, navy, and black, what are the other accent colors that you can see? Are they shades of blue? Or Red? Yellow? This is indeed the best way to get started playing with colors in your home.

Neutral colors shouldn’t be ignored. Neutral colors construct the most decent color palettes that many people are fond of. The shades of brown, beige, taupe, and cream will be forever popular since they are tasteful and smart tones and create comfortable and relaxing environment at home. However, the only way to bring a successful change in a room with neutral colors is by adding visual interest and textural fabrics. This is very important because a room with neutral shade of flooring, walls, and fabric looks flat and lacks vibrancy.

You can use color wheel as an important tool to help you learn color relationships. The following are some color schemes you can use in your home:

Harmonious Colors

Colors that are placed next to one another on the color wheel are called harmonious colors, for instance, red, orange, and yellow. Color schemes made up of harmonious colors always turn out to be successful as such colors have a very close relationship with each other.

Complementary Colors

Colors that lie opposite to each other on the color wheel are complementary colors. Although they clash each other on the color wheel, complementary colors are basically a wonderful combination to use. These colors complement each other in the best way possible. Yellow and purple, orange and blue, and green and red are complementary colors and look fabulous together.

Accent Colors

Accent colors bring dead rooms alive again. Add colorful accessories, artwork, rugs, and cushions of accent colors to liven up your rooms again. However, do not try overdoing it. Accent is just a touch of vibrant shade to a dull room to bring vitality to it. Try placing some red cushions on black furniture with white walls. Red color will spice up the rest of the look.

Color will not only bring personality to your life but also to your home. Add that accent. Paint the feature wall with bright and vibrant colors. Have a go!

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