Add Personalized Magical Touch to Your Delightful Dwelling


If you have been lucky to see your house built from scratch, you must have probably discovered your style and have decorated your house the way you wanted. But in case you have purchased it from somebody, you must probably be learning to live with somebody else’s style of interior decoration.  While you may personally like to have a red living room and flowery wallpaper in your kitchen, but changing everything again seems like a difficult job. However, it can be depressing to live in a house that does not portray your creative expression.

First of all, you need to pinpoint your personal style and the changes you want accordingly. The best way to discover your style is to become a ‘sponge’.  This could be funny but the purpose is to become flexible enough to absorb things you get into contact with.


Practically, original and completely new modern interior designs do not exist. All the changes in interior styles that are in fashion today are basically improvements, adjustments, and amalgamations of previous trends and designs. Don’t believe it? Then look closely at the contemporary interior design in fashion today and compare it with older trends. You will see how modernism of the 1930s is collaborated with the spirit of the 1960s interior design. Amazing right?

Actively, your style will be derived from your inspirations. And you can collect it from nature, TV shows, films, books, magazines, catalogues, furniture, showrooms, art galleries, and museums. You can even open your wardrobe to see the things and colors that inspire you. Identify things that make you happy. Recall your last holiday. Do the sights, sounds, and colors help you recreate something interesting for your own room?

Once you have filled the box of your inspiration, it is time to collect the source materials. Get the furniture, fixtures, colors and other elements that suit your style. You are required to translate your inspirations and feelings in an ideal interior design style. Settle down your environment with the perfect chairs and sofas you have selected, paint your walls with inspirational bright colors, and decorate your house with the rugs, vases, and lamps you have. Try to keep your accessories as natural as you can. Use flowers, shells, stone, wood etc.

By decorating your house with your own personal styling sense and elements that makes you feel happy, you can easily redesign a happy home without changing its construction. Let your interior design style grow with your imagination. If your style can be a part of you, it can successfully become a part of your living space.

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