Big City Dreams Are Made with the NYC Watertowers Wallcoverings

After just enough time spent away from the beautiful Big Apple, I start feeling nostalgic for the 24/7 glow of the big city. Whether its the yellow blur of taxis or the architecturally sound skyline, I’m not sure – but nothing quite satisfies my desire for living it up in New York City quite like this cool wallpaper design I found a few months back. Known as NYC Watertowers, this Tom Slaughter creation is available through a boutique wallpaper design company known as Cavern Home, accompanying an eclectic or modern interior with an “empire state of mind”.

NYC Watertowers. Designed by Tom Slaughter.

Designer and printmaker, Tom Slaughter, created this depiction of New York city as a graphic image of what he sees as a New York native, born right in the middle of the action back in 1955. His career has included thirty solo exhibitions from the east to the west coast as well as shows abroad in Vancouver, Germany and Japan.

Printmaking was his forté for over 20 years, and examples of his prints have been installed inside the MoMA and Whitney Museum of American Art collections. In addition to the two-toned shades of Slaughter’s exclusive wallpapering, his other wallpaper designs are available through Cavern Home as well. Each are abstract and playful, balancing out his black and white with primary colors in the Library and the Nautical Nantucket prints.

Pair the funky city silhouettes with a leather couch by your favorite Italian manufacturer and a solid colored rug with texture for the perfect addition to your interior space that will never get old.

—Sonja Hall

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