Go Green, And Love It!

Firstly, what is ‘green?’ Green is a term coined for eco-friendly items. This can be furniture or fixtures made of reclaimed lumber, or brand new pieces made from renewable sources such as bamboo. Turning off your lights when you leave for work is green. Being crafty can be a green endeavor, as updating or modifying and old piece is using already existing woods. Many paint removers, varnishes, etc., now come in eco-friendly all-natural formats rather than the toxin-filled oils of the past. Finding a great old piece and breathing new life into it with a layer of paint removed and some new fixtures is a great way to be green, and save some green!

Leage's Corner Desk

Leage's Corner Desk

This corner desk by Legare is warm with clean lines and can be used alone, or in combination with other pieces from the same line. Going green can extend beyond furniture, replacing shower heads with newer low-yield ones, buying new energy efficient light bulbs.

The green furniture available for purchase today is as wide and varied a market as, well, furniture. If you haven’t found an old piece to update, or you’re not the do it yourself kind, check out bamboo. Unlike oak trees and other forms of wood, bamboo (it’s a grass, who knew?) grows quickly making it a perfect green material. Flooring, desks, lamps, book shelves,etc are all made from bamboo.

If bamboo or refurbished pieces aren’t what you’re looking for try something made of recycled materials. The Emeco Aluminum Chair Company has some amazing chairs made of recycled materials. They are smooth, clean, modern, and come in a variety of colors. They are also made of 80% recycled materials; kudos Emeco!

This Emeco Chair Comes In Varied Colors.

This Emeco Chair Comes In Varied Colors.

Green furniture is made for people that realize we are all interwoven and should therefore take responsibility for how we create and manufacture our lives. The environment we are living in today will be our children’s tomorrow. Green isn’t an elitist trend either. No matter what budget you have, green can be found at discounts stores as well as high end retail. If you want more general info about going green www.HGTV.com has a page full of ideas and resources if you want to educate your self to what is out there for your consumption. As consumers, we hold the key to change, if we buy it green, they’ll build it.

—Thomas Herman


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