Making Bathrooms Pretty

 Bathrooms are generally easy to revamp. The walls are usually square, and there are no huge expanses to wallpaper. With a little inspiration you can turn a very plain room into something really attractive. 

Think about a theme for your new-look décor. Sailing boats, lighthouses or sea shells are always popular. Choose a simple color scheme which can be matched with fluffy towels and floral arrangements.

 Start the transformation by painting the walls with an eggshell finish in a neutral color. If the room is small, steer away from bold and dark colors as they will make the room look even smaller. Choose a border to complement your theme or color scheme and set to work. Borders come in many designs and look good around the top of the walls, or at the height of a dado rail – about three feet above the ground. Measure carefully from the ground and mark the height with a pencil to ensure a level result. Peel off the backing and apply the border firmly. A good wall mirror is essential in a bathroom and will give the illusion of the room being larger and lighter than it really is. Decorate a plain mirror with glass paint to make an individual statement.

 Look at the hardware in your bathroom. New door knobs and drawer pulls can give an old cabinet a whole new look. Updating faucets may require a plumber but can add a modern touch for less than $100. New towel bars and toilet paper holders add to the fresh new look too. Arrange fluffy towels in coordinating colors along the rails and tie with a ribbon bow, or layer in sizes for a professional look. If there is room, add a small cabinet or table to hold glass canisters, an artificial plant, a few scattered sea shells and some luxury bath products in a basket.

 Keep pictures to the scale of the room – several small pictures grouped together can be more attractive than a single print. Finally throw down a rug, add a colorful shower curtain and your new bathroom is complete.


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