Attic Treasures

Looking to furnish your first apartment or a new home on a budget? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a coordinated look for your new pad. Thrift shops, antique stores and garage sales can provide a host of furnishings and accessories for just a few dollars. What you do need is the time to browse and an eye for seeing the potential of an object in a different environment.

Never walk past a picture because it is damaged, faded or out-dated. Look beyond the content and examine the frame. How about a spray of metallic paint to give it fresh appeal? Just add your favorite print and new glass if necessary.

Old glass is a great buy as it comes in many colors, textures and effects. Make sure it is not cracked or chipped. Use glasses as candle holders, a flower vase or make a collection of different sizes and shapes. Large glass bowls and jars can be filled with bark and artificial flower petals, sand and seashells, pinecones and baubles or even green apples and fruits.  

Pre-owned furniture can be a great buy. Imagine a coat of paint on a wooden chair, new cushions on a rocker or a throw to disguise a hideous but comfortable armchair. A new coat of paint or varnish can transform a chest of drawers or a wicker table into a masterpiece. Use a simple stencil to add a flourish to old drawers and cupboard doors.

Storage can easily be found at a garage sale. Trunks and chests are ideal, but old suitcases and hat boxes can look great stacked up and they can store a host of items. Old baskets are good for holding spare toilet rolls, towels, laundry items and toiletries. Next time you see a pile of junk, look beneath the surface and imagine the potential of each item. 

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