Furniture with Purpose

Shannon from Compartment Life here! I’m so excited to have this opportunity to share with you some of my tips and tricks for purchasing furniture with purpose. It first starts with identifying what pieces you want and why you think you need them. Planning before purchasing is going to really help you get organized and start things off right.


So, if you’re interested in adding some new furniture to your home, there are some things to consider. You should want furniture that is not only going to look fantastic and coordinate well with your other belongings but furniture that is going to simplify your home and organize your space! That’s what I’m talking about! Here are a few tips to consider when shopping online for your next purchase.


Get It Off The Floor!


One issue many people tend to have with their homes is failure to correctly identify a problem. For example people might tend to say “my problem is that my house is a mess”. Wrong. The problem actually most often is “I have a messy home because I have nowhere to put the mess.” Well get some storage baby! Here are some pieces I would recommend.



Wall Mount Craft Storage Unit Silver

Wall Mount Craft Unit Espresso

Taylor Display Shelf Espresso


Make it Organized and Visible!


Another common issue is often you put things away and can never find anything again because it hasn’t been put away in an organized manner. This happens frequently in drawers inside cabinets. Why? Because you throw stuff inside it and it’s out of sight and out of mind, so you don’t bother to organize it. If you buy storage with an ability to display your things with a window or a shelf you will be more encouraged to store your things in a more organized manner, and it will be so much easier to locate!



Celtic Three Drawer Storage Shelf

Espresso TV Stand

Monroe Espresso and Silver Multi Shelf Side Table


These tips are going to positively impact the flow and organization of your home! What other common organization issues do you deal with day to day? Come check out Compartment Life for more tips and suggestions about furniture!

Shannon Summers

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