How to Choose and Use Color

Understanding the theory of color gives you a great advantage when choosing the right color scheme for a room. A little know how will help you to pick that perfect accent color to give a little surprise and contrast.

There are only 3 primary colors, plus black and white. The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. These cannot be made by mixing any other colors. When mixed, primary colors create all the others colors we know and love. Shades of each color are created by lightening or darkening with black and white.

Between each of the three primary colors on a color wheel comes orange (red and yellow mixed); violet (red and blue mixed) and green (blue and yellow mixed). These are known as secondary colors. Look at a color wheel to see how the colors graduate. That’s the theory – here’s how to use that information.

Opposite colors on the color wheel make the most striking contrasts. For example if you have a room which is mostly yellow, the best accent color is violet – directly opposite on the wheel. A red room looks great with touches of green and a blue room should have small amounts of orange, or vice versa, an orange room should have touches of blue to look really good.

The important factor is how much of the secondary color is used. A contrasting opposite color should only be used very sparingly, as a vase, a cushion, a splash of color on the curtains or in a picture. Whatever color scheme you have chosen for your room, look at the color wheel to decide your contrasting accent color with confidence. Now you know the rules, you can choose and use color with absolute confidence.

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